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The State-of-the-Art Foundry from the KIRLOSKAR GROUP
(January 2002)

KFIL has State-of-the-art Foundry to manufacture Grey Iron castings for Automobile and Tractor industry.  The special feature is the manufacture of high volume thin walled castings especially water jacketed blocks and cylinder heads through liquid metal route.


· Pattern Equipment - Patterns, core boxes, fixtures are supplied by sister concern M/s. Techser Tools Pvt., Pune.  The Techser design office deploys cutting edge software and hardware for time bound completion of even the most complex of design tasks.

· +GF+ Mould line of Air Impact plus type with a capacity of 70 Moulds per hour with variable pressure settings ensure consistently adequate compaction and mould strength in the moulds. Vent openings are possible in the ‘as moulded’ condition.

· The Cold Box Core Shop consists of a battery of cold box core making machines employing Ashland process with Amine gassing.  The process of cold box cores offers the benefits of low cost, high productivity, low gas content, dimensional stability and better collapsibility.

· The Shell Core Shop consists of Horizontal & Vertical shell core machines for making intricate thin walled cores.

· 2 nos. ABB make Medium Frequency Induction Furnace of 30 MT capacity each, mounted on Load cells are used in the Melting Shop.

· ABB make Auto pour furnace of 7 MT capacity and with a built in system of stream inoculation ensures consistent pouring temp. and pouring rates.  The tea-pot pouring of auto pour ensures slag free metal in moulds.

· Shot blasting CNC machine for thorough cleaning of internal cored surface and the intricate passages of cylinder heads and blocks.

· Sand Plant with capacity of 110 MT / Hr. with Turbo mixer of M/s. GF design and with mouldability controller ensures very good mixing consistency.

· Spectrometer is used for on line testing of metal composition.

· Sand testing laboratory for Green sand cold box core sand and shell sand ensures quality of the end product.

· The foundry has a fully equipped metallurgical laboratory with Spectrometer, Carbon Sulphur Analyser, Spectro - photometer etc.

· Fully equipped dimensional inspection set up including averaging and sighting fixtures for ensuring dimensional integrity of castings.


· Use of liquid hot metal directly from Pig Iron plant in the manufacture of castings.  The metallurgy has been perfected over the last 5 - 6 years.

· Leading world automobile manufacturers have commented about KFIL’s strong metallurgical features.

· International Automobile manufacturer’s team who recently visited leading foundries has ranked KFIL as BEST in India.

· KFIL has obtained prestigious QS - 9000 certification in Dec ‘2001 and is one of the few foundries in India with QS - 9000 certification.

· Manned by highly technically competent and experienced personnel operating through a young team of Engineers.


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