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Jindal Steel & Power Ltd. (JSPL) - A Vision Transcending

(February 2002)

A Vision Transcending Steel and Power

Jindal Steel & Power Ltd. (JSPL) , part of the Rs 6,500 crore Jindal Organisation, is one of India's leading companies in the core sector focusing on steel and power. Nominated as one of the emerging companies by The Economic Times, manufacturing operations are located at Raigarh and Raipur in Chhattisgarh, with captive iron ore and coal mines in Orissa and Raigarh. JSPL has been awarded the first prize in the IIM Awards 2001 for Quality by the Indian Institute of Metals. It has also won the National Energy Conservation Award in the integrated steel plants sector for the year 2001.

A state-of-the-art Rail and Universal Beam Mill is being established to produce world class rails for Indian and global markets. It will manufacture 120 metre long rails, the longest produced anywhere in the world. The mill will also manufacture parallel flange beams in larger sizes for the first time in India.

JSPL has the world's largest coal-based sponge iron capability at Raigarh with a capacity of 650,000 MTPA and is one of the lowest cost producers of sponge iron. Besides, the company is one of India's most economical power producers and generates power to meet its captive requirements. The surplus power is supplied to the Chhattisgarh State Electricity Board.

Supporting JSPL's range of world class rails and H-beams is the ISO 9002 and ISO 14001 certified state-of-the art steel plant. The steel melt shop (SMS), complete with an electric arc furnace, ladle refining furnace and vacuum degassing, has continuous casting facilities for producing wide slabs, rounds and blooms. Hot metal from the blast furnace , to be commissioned by March 2002, will be used in the EAF along with sponge iron, which will increase the capacity at the SMS to 500,000 MT per annum.

JSPL generates power to meet its captive requirements and the surplus power is supplied to the Chhattisgarh State Electricity Board. In 1991, JSPL entered this vital core sector by utilising waste heat from the rotary kiln boilers and the coal rejects of the washery. During 1999, the capacity increased to 95 MW. An additional generation of 55 MW power, has been operational since October 2001, six months ahead of schedule, increasing the current generation to 150 MW. Work on another 55MW plant will be completed by March 2003 so as to meet the increasing requirements and commitment to the Chhattisgarh State.

At Raigarh, coal-based sponge iron is manufactured using 6 indigenously developed rotary kilns, with a capacity of 650,000 MT per annum, making JSPL the largest coal-based sponge iron manufacturer in the world. JSPL is one of the lowest-cost producers of sponge iron, with in-house availability of the three key raw materials, coal, iron ore and power. Growth and expansion plans include an additional 450,000 MTPA capacity of sponge iron with the commissioning of 3 rotary kilns and a 250,000 MTPA capacity for hot DRI or metallics charge using the state-of-the-art rotary hearth furnace.

As part of its ongoing forward integration, a state-of-the-art Rail and Universal Mill is being set up to manufacture 120 metre long rails, the longest produced anywhere in the world. These rails, apart from being more economical, will enhance safety, service life and reliability for the Indian Railways. They will also reduce damage during transportation and handling.

The integrated Flash Butt Welding unit will ensure production of welded rails of up to 480 metre length. The Rail mill with a capacity of 750,000 MTPA, will be operational during 2002, and will have continuous, automatic, on-line inspection facilities including eddy current and ultrasonic testing; and use of lasers for straightness. Regular upgradation of technology in association with global leaders is also planned.

The Rail Mill will also manufacture parallel flange beams and columns in larger sizes for the first time in India. Typically known as H-beams, these are the most desired option of structural engineers, architects and construction companies worldwide. They are ideally suited for a variety of applications including buildings, structures, bridges, and material handling systems, railways and offshore drilling rigs.

JSPL has a state-of-the art ISO 9002 certified Machinery Division at Raipur with a manufacturing capacity of 11,500 MTPA, along with an annual capacity of 30,000 MT of Steel Ingots & Castings that compares with the best in the region. The Machinery Division This plant also has a machine manufacturing facility of. This division caters to the in-house maintenance needs of the Raigarh Plant and special maintenance orders from other Group Companies.


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